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DimBull Wool Shoe Refresher Kit

£9.95 INC.VAT

  • DimBull shoe refresher balls eliminate odours and freshen up your shoes, trainers, or sneakers,
  • DimBull shoe refresher balls are made of organic New Zealand wool, 100% natural and hypoallergenic,
  • DimBull shoe refresher balls work like a shoe shaper so helps to keep your trainers or shoes in shape,
  • DimBull shoe refresher balls come as a pack of four with 10ml of organic lavender essential oil,
  • DimBull shoe refresher balls can also be used to freshen up your wardrobe and drawers.


DimBull shoe refresher balls are a great way to keep you shoes smelling fresh and keep in shape. They are sustainable as they don’t use any aerosols or plastic. Simply add a few drops of our organic lavender essential oil to each ball and push into your shoe leaving them do their work. DimBull Shoe Freshener Balls are good for your sole!

4 reviews for DimBull Wool Shoe Refresher Kit

  1. Andrea

    Having previously been really impressed with the Dimbull tumble dryer balls, I knew I just had to try these. I gave them a bit of a challenge by using them in my husband’s trainers he uses to do dirty work in! You know the type I mean, the ones that you can smell if they haven’t been put away!!! Anyway, I added some of the oil to the balls and put them in the trainers. I left them overnight! I kept checking them?? I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen. The next day I couldn’t wait to remove the balls and smell the trainers! Believe me, smelly shoes are an issue in my house, hence the excitement! Shock, horror! My husband was using them! How dare he ruin my experiment! When he finished, of course I had a good sniff, though I did think he might have made them smelly again BUT there was no odour!!! I instantly feared Covid as I could not smell anything in them, but having then discounted Covid, I realised that the balls had got rid of the bad odour! When the balls had been in the trainers I could smell the oil. Initially it reminded me of my Pernod and black days, but then I smelled lavender! The smell is nice. I couldn’t smell the oils in the trainers, but they had been worn for a day, the main thing was there was no bad odour. Again I am very impressed with Dimbull and definitely recommend these balls to keep your footwear odour away! Update! The trainers have been left outside all night and I HAD to smell them! ( hope my neighbours weren’t watching) and there is no bad odour and I can smell the lavender oil! Even more impressed than I was and I was very impressed!!

  2. Amy

    Really great, keep in my gym bag

  3. Gavin Mercer

    I am a runner and have an issue with odour in my sports trainers that has gone on for years. So much so that my partner makes me keep them outside in a storage container!!! I have tried odour eaters, foot talc and trainer spray with no discernable results. I used the refresher balls on a recommendation from a fellow runner and this has honestly made such a difference. They are simple to use, keeps the shape of your trainers and the difference in the freshness is huge. I very rarely put reviews for the products I buy, but felt compelled to as a way if helping out any fellow sporty types with foot odour issues as these really are an excellent product. I have now started using the refresher balls on my work shoes and slippers also. My partner has even relented and let’s me bring my running shoes inside now. Great purchase.

  4. Gavin Mercer

    I was recommended the refresher balls by a fellow runner who had similar issues with sweaty smelling trainers. I run several times a week and have multiple pairs of running trainers all of which I have to keep in the outside shed as my partner will not let me have them in the house!!! The refresher balls really do work, my trainers genuinely do smell fresher and now it’s in my routine to use them after every run. This is probably also going to lengthen the life if expensive trainers. Excellent product and would fully recommend to anyone sporty who has similar problems.

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