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DimBull Wool Dryer Balls

£9.95 INC.VAT

  • The latest addition to the popular DimBull dryer ball range. Each pack contains two Grey,two White, and two Grey/White Swirl balls,
  • The mixed pack of DimBull dryer balls is a perfect gift set for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day,
  • DimBull dryer balls reduce the drying time, just add 3 balls per medium load,
  • DimBull dryer balls are 100% natural and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for baby clothes or anyone with sensitive skin
  • DimBull dryer balls will save you money and can be used over 1000 times!
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These are the latest addition to our DimBull Wool Dryer Ball range. They are slightly larger in diameter and slightly softer, this makes then even more absorbent which further reduces drying time and ironing time. Sustainably manufactured from 100% premium New Zealand wool, these dryer balls soften and fluff clothing, sheets, blankets, towels, jackets, baby clothes and more. Using DimBull dryer balls also prevents heavy items from getting scrunched up and tangled which helps your clothes dry more evenly

1 review for DimBull Wool Dryer Balls

  1. Flick

    Really lovely and soft. Definitely reduces my drying time

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