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DimBull Sheep Face Dryer Balls

£10.95 INC.VAT

  • DimBull Sheep Face dryer balls perform the same as our original dryer balls. They just have a very cute looking sheep’s face enhancing the look of each ball,
  • DimBull Sheep Face dryer balls reduce your tumble dryer cycle by an average of 30%,
  • DimBull Sheep Face dryer balls are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, as they are 100% natural and hypoallergenic,
  • DimBull Sheep Face dryer balls will save you money as they also reduce ironing time,
  • DimBull Sheep Face dryer balls can be used over 1000 times!


Only a few months after the launch of DimBull Dryer Balls, several people started to ask, “Do you sell the ones with a sheep’s face on them?”

As we always try to please our customers, we came up with a design that we thought would be aesthetically pleasing and went into production of DimBull Sheep Face dryer balls.

The new version still gives you all the benefits of our plain dryer balls, so you will still be using a natural and organic product to help you same time, money and energy, but the big plus is, you get a cute sheep face on every ball.

The choice is yours.

4 reviews for DimBull Sheep Face Dryer Balls

  1. Sue

    Really impressed with my purchase!!! Would highly recommend this product.

  2. Lauren

    I’ve used them a few times now, they have kept their shape and consistency so far and have certainly reduced drying time.

  3. Cautious Customer

    Worked a charm and turned my rough towels nice and fluffy! Definitely recommend!

  4. Shane

    I would highly recommend the Dim Bull Wool Dryer Balls, they really work and are very reasonably priced, with prompt delivery a must for your tumble dryer.

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