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DimBull Laundry Collection Essential Oil

£5.25 INC.VAT

  • DimBull Essential Oils enhance the fragrance of your washes by adding a few drops at the end of each drying cycle,
  • DimBull Essential Oils are 100% natural, organic, and sustainable,
  • DimBull Essential Oils are made from French lavender, Ooh La La!
  • DimBull Essential Oils contain no chemical coatings that will damage your washing, or your machine,
  • DimBull Essential Oils 10ml bottles contains around 250 drops and should last a year if you follow our guidelines.


If you miss the fragrance you get from chemical-based dryer sheets, just add a few drops of our specially formulated essential oil. Wait until your laundry is dry, add a few drops to your Dryer Balls, then run the load again on a no heat setting for around ten minutes, this will quickly enhance the fragrance of your clothes as they leave your dryer.

4 reviews for DimBull Laundry Collection Essential Oil

  1. Debs

    I love this product the smell is amazing we use on our lamb’s wall dryer balls, when the clothes are drying you can smell lavender all round the house. Did you know lavender can help you sleep and relax, so a warning do not use these when working from home, they made everyone a bit too relaxed. I fell asleep watching a film, couldn’t for the life of me work out why? Until a family member mentioned the lovely lavender smell.

  2. Andrea

    Having previously been really impressed with the Dimbull tumble dryer balls, I knew I just had to try these. I gave them a bit of a challenge by using them in my husband’s trainers he uses to do dirty work in! You know the type I mean, the ones that you can smell if they haven’t been put away!!! Anyway, I added some of the oil to the balls and put them in the trainers. I left them overnight! I kept checking them?? I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen. The next day I couldn’t wait to remove the balls and smell the trainers! Believe me, smelly shoes are an issue in my house, hence the excitement! Shock, horror! My husband was using them! How dare he ruin my experiment! When he finished, of course I had a good sniff, though I did think he might have made them smelly again BUT there was no odour!!! I instantly feared Covid as I could not smell anything in them, but having then discounted Covid, I realised that the balls had got rid of the bad odour! When the balls had been in the trainers I could smell the oil. Initially it reminded me of my Pernod and black days, but then I smelled lavender! The smell is nice. I couldn’t smell the oils in the trainers, but they had been worn for a day, the main thing was there was no bad odour. Again I am very impressed with Dimbull and definitely recommend these balls to keep your footwear odour away! Update! The trainers have been left outside all night and I HAD to smell them! ( hope my neighbours weren’t watching) and there is no bad odour and I can smell the lavender oil! Even more impressed than I was and I was very impressed!!

  3. Harry

    my clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresher than ever before, I love them.

  4. Natalee Brown

    Love the oils. I have tried a few different brands of essential oils- these genuinely have a much more intense aroma. The sweet orange is definitely my favourite. Will hopefully be getting some more!!

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