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DimBull Chemical Free Laundry Flakes

£14.95 INC.VAT

  • Natural, Organic Soap Flakes, Chemical Free
  • Kind to your skin, kind to your clothes, kind to the environment
  • 400g bag makes minimum 12L, enough for 48 washes
  • Made from 80% Organic Olive Oil, 20% Organic Laurel Oil
  • Chemical free soap flakes dissolve in hot water in around five minutes. When cool, they can be used in any washing machine in the same way as chemical based shop bought liquids.


As our primary goal is to eliminate chemicals from the laundry room, we are delighted to announce that we have found an alternative to the chemical-based laundry liquids and powders that most of us are forced to use today, DimBull Chemical Free Laundry Flakes. These soap flakes are made from 20% Laurel Oil and 80% Olive Oil, and when they are combined with hot water and allowed to dissolve for around 5 minutes, you have a natural, organic, and fragrant laundry liquid to be used in your washing machine in the same way as shop bought liquids.

Imagine the benefits of being able to mix your own liquid as and when you need to, and eliminate chemicals from your washing routine, as well as the plastic packaging that comes with many of the leading brands.

2 reviews for DimBull Chemical Free Laundry Flakes

  1. Carol

    I am so delighted with these flakes, at last I can get all my families’ clothes clean without using any chemicals

  2. JOn

    smells good

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