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DimBull – The Story

Tony & Richard have known each other for around 25 years when they both worked for a household name consumer products business. Tony was responsible for sales, and Richard was responsible for production. They spent a great deal of the late 1990’s arguing over how many products were needed to satisfy Tony’s sales versus how many products Richard’s factory could make!


Fast forward to 2016, Tony and Richard had both moved on, now running their own businesses, but still in touch socially, their meetings always sparked some lively debate, and one theme that became a common topic, was their mutual concern about how many harmful chemicals were used every day in the laundry room and the impact that had on wellbeing and the environment. The more they talked about it, the more they realised they had a strong conscience about this issue and were passionate about taking some action whatever that may be. They decided to do some serious research into chemical free alternatives. After several months and many more meetings discussing their findings, they agreed that the time had come for them to think about starting a new venture together.


Of course, there were already chemical-free laundry products around. Online sellers, and supermarkets were beginning to wake up to the health and environmental issues caused by the some of the chemicals used, however Tony & Richard wanted to create a one-stop shop for chemical free laundry products and would champion their use by offering price parity with the chemical-based alternatives.

DimBull was born, and just like the 90’s, Tony is responsible for sales, and Richard is responsible for production. They were later joined by Yasmin, she’s in charge of logistics. That perfectly wrapped parcel you receive from us the day after you ordered it, that’s Yasmin!


The objective at the very start to only sell natural and organic products delivered in eco-friendly packaging had been met, but as word got out, demand increased, and they were soon shipping hundreds of packages a month. It occurred to them that no matter how carefully their products were made, the simple of act of getting to them to their customers had created a carbon footprint.

To offset this footprint, they have teamed up with One Tree Planted who plant a tree for every item sold on dimbull.com

They started the ball rolling with an upfront donation planting 100 trees in the Amazon Rain Forest. They are hoping to plant at least 2500 trees every year making them not just carbon neutral, but carbon positive, in other words, taking more carbon out of our atmosphere than they create.