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DimBull Chemical Free Laundry Flakes

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DimBull Dryer Balls

FROM £8.95

DimBull Laundry Collection Essential Oil Set

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DimBull Wool Shoe Refresher Kit

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DimBull Natural Bamboo Clothes Pegs

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DimBull Zippered Mesh Laundry Bags

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


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Useful product

Nice quality.

Netty W

Good Product

Not very soft, but good for it’s price


Very pleased. Definitely recommend.

I had to try these oils as I had loved the Dimbull tumble dryer balls and the balls for shoes. I was NOT disappointed! No matter how much I pay for conditioner, when I pull my clothes from the tumble dryer any smell has gone. I dried my clothes as usual. When finished I put 2 balls in the tumble with some scented oil on each and put the clothes for a 10 minute cool cycle. The clothes came out with a lovely scent. My first try was the orange which I loved as it left a lovely fresh smell. I am not usually a fan of lavender but thought it would be ideal for bedding. Oh my, the smell is gorgeous, so clean smelling. If you want a stronger smell, you could add more dryer balls. Personally 2 suit me. I will not be drying without these oils now. I think I will use the tea tree oil on the balls for the shoes too. Tea tree oil would be ideal for cloths, dusters or if you have sensitive skin. Excellent- thank you. I am a big DIMBULL fan. Excellent products and excellent service.


Love it 😄

I love my purchase…speedy delivery, came beautifully packaged, they smell divine and makes an excellent gift! Thanks so much 😄

Jade o'Brien

Excellent Plastic Alternative

I received these bamboo pegs a few weeks ago and I’m very happy with them. I use pegs for loads of purposes including clothes washing and these are great. I love that they are made from bamboo. Would definitely recommend.

Tiffiney Kent

Really loved this product.

Really impressed with my purchase!!! Would highly recommend this product.


Great Products.

This is the second time I’ve come back for these. They last a couple of years, so this is to replace my first lot! I much prefer to use these than plastic ones. Highly recommended.


Great buy, would recommend.

I bought these in place of plastic dryer balls and they have been very good. The clothes in my dryer come out fluffier than previously. I’ve only used a few times so far but they seem quite durable. Would recommend these over plastic dryer balls.

R. Duncan

The one with sheep faces on are such a good idea for a present.

I bought these as I had used the plain ones, and I love them. I can see a lot of my girl friends having them for Christmas.


They do the job

I love that the dryer balls came in a little cotton bag to keep them all together. They are a good price and do the job perfectly.

Amazon Customer

High Quality

Really impressed with these dryer balls – been using for a few months now – at least 2-3 times a week and they are still perfect! I definitely think they cut down on drying time too.


I really love this product

Really impressed with my purchase!!! Would highly recommend this product.


Excellent tumble dryer balls!!

I was not sure whether they work, but they do! The tumble dryer time is reduced & the clothes are softer. Well worth it & much better than the plastic ones.

Kelly Liu

Great product and fantastic value for money

I’m a keen environmentalist, and I don’t like to use chemical softeners. I thought I’d give these dryer balls a go, as they are all natural wool. I love the bag they came in as well, made of natural cotton. It made it feel like I was really treating myself to a luxury item, even though the cost is negligible. It’s been raining on and off for a few weeks now, so the timing was perfect. I was honestly amazed at how quickly my clothes dried, how soft and fluffy my clothes were, and my towels weren’t like cardboard for the first time ever! To be able to save money because of the shorter drying time, whilst being eco friendly is a huge bonus for me. I would highly recommend them. They will last for ages!

Jen E S

Ten out of ten

These drying balls are brilliant!! Really cut down on drying time, saving a lot on energy bills – Clothing and fabrics come out really soft. Put some fabric softener on them and clothes come out smelling great! Really reasonable price too Ten out of ten – highly recommended Give them a go, you won’t regret it 👍👍

Simon W


Purchased these specifically for drying all our puffer coats as these were recommended online and have to say they’re great quality, very durable and come in their own cotton bag for storage, highly recommend:)


Excellent product

These balls are sooo good… They almost halve my drying time and the pick up excess lint….. So well made and the bag is really nice too… Quality product and a great price too. Would definitely buy again. Well done Dimbull

R. Kearney

Great Product

I’ve used them a few times now, they have kept their shape and consistency so far and have certainly reduced drying time.


These Work!

I Love them. Work fab. Use 4 of these and 2 of the egg ones in tumble dryer. Just be mindful of the items you’re placing in are of same wetness and weight and open here and there to let air out… turn clothes around and put it on again. There may be items already dried if you put a mixed bunch in, which could mean shrinkage so be mindful.

Great Day

Best Thing Ever

Best things ever, no more noise from the plastic ones. I wish I had seen them earlier.

Mrs. T. Masterson

Great value

These are great and good value as I only use 2 at a time so spares available.


Super quick dispatch and delivery

Bought for my mam she loves them. Had to order more for my sisters

Emer Feeney

Excellent Product

These are perfect for reducing drying time and making your dryer more eco friendly. Would 100% recommend.

Tiffany Kent

I love these!

Wasn’t sure when I bought them, but thought they were worth a try. I absolutely love them. They really make a difference to drying results, and drying times. Fantastic product.


Great Product

Used these in my tumble drier and they’ve made my towels really lovely and soft! Great size too! Very impressed and would order again.

Lydia Mynard

An excellent purchase

Really happy I bought these. I’m finding my washing is so much softer and fluffier. A real bonus is not having use fabric conditioner and the washing dries quicker too!

Sarah J


Excellent I was really pleased with this product, which came well packaged, and in a handy bag. It made a difference to drying time, and really soft clothes. I would recommend DimBull Wool dryer Balls to anyone!


Great Quality

Good for tumble dryer I recommend


Love These!!

I absolutely LOVE THESE !!! I use all six in one go whenever I go to the local laundrette. I add a bit of lavender essential oils on each one which makes the clothes come out smelling amazing. Can’t fault them in any way. Used them for 3 months now and they still remain in a decent condition.


Excellent product

I don’t use chemical softeners, and can’t stand noisy plastic dryer balls, so these wool ones are perfect for me, and the environment. I was amazed at how much quicker my clothes dried, and how soft and fluffy my clothes were. I love the fact that they can be kept tidy in the lovely bag they come in too. To be able to save money, whilst being eco friendly is a huge bonus for me. I am very pleased I chose them.


Recommend! Good size, good quality!

Good quality and good size dryer balls, at a good price. I’ve looked in my local supermarkets for dryer balls and they were 5 pounds for 2 balls. These come in a pack of 6 for £8.95.


Amazed they actually work!

Love these make drying washing time shorter. Softer clothes and by adding the fabric softner on to them makes the drying clothes smell lovely! Gave two to my daughter, she loves using them too.


Pleasantly Surprised

Product arrived promptly and is well packaged for future storage. Used for the first time this week and pleasantly surprised by a 10 minute reduction in drying time and the dryness of the clothes that came out..even towels. No fabric conditioner— A saving and further environmental improvement. Great to get something that appears to fully deliver on what the marketing blurb promises. Give them a try.

Big Sigh


Excellent. These come in a bag of 6 balls. They can be kept tidy in the bag. They are reusable. I put 3 balls in my tumble and I couldn’t believe how much quicker my clothes dried. Not only are these great for the environment, I will also save money on my electricity as I will be using less of it. Wish I had these years ago. These will pay for themselves quickly. Also I save the time doing my laundry which is fantastic. These 6 balls will last a very long time.


These are Brilliant

Reduction in drying time, and no need for harmful conditioners. And the real bonus… my clothes are softer and than ever which reduces the ironing time. RESULT!!!

Tee Dee

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